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It takes honesty to admit you need help – it takes courage to ask.  You have done both by finding your way to this website.

You are not the only one, we all find ourselves in situations we didn’t anticipate or experience circumstances never before encountered.  This can leave us feeling lost, confused and alone. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed creating a sense of hopelessness.

You are here because you or someone you care about is in pain. You have come to the right place. A safe place to work through the struggles, remove the blocks and reclaim your happiness.  A place to refresh your life!



Counseling Services  for Couples, Individuals, Teens, and College Students

People come to Boulder Family Counseling for a variety of reasons:

  • anxiety and depression
  • relationship problems
  • family issues
  • divorce and blended families
  • emotional and social struggles
  • rebuilding self-esteem
  • child and teen difficulties
  • general life transitions and personal growth
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Is Boulder Family Counseling Right For You?

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Problems Lose Their Enormity

When you have don’t have to face them alone.

Start Your Journey Today

with Susan Caso

Boulder Family Counseling

The Journey Begins with Discovering 

Your Beliefs and Patterns

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The first step to creating a better life for yourself is discovering what contributes to your pain, fear, happiness and success.  This knowledge and understanding opens the door to change.  Boulder Family Counseling will guide you through the discovery process, reflecting on your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  By helping you uncover the patterns that keep you stuck in life, you will gain clarity about how to move forward.  

Your first session includes an in-depth conversation about your past experiences and relationships. Where you are right now is largely due to where you have been.  Your past matters – it reveals the behaviors and patterns that continue to run your life.  We will talk about your family history, past and current relationships, and the current struggles you are experiencing.  These conversations will help identify the obstacles and blocks to your happiness, creating a new awareness of your life.

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Counseling Sessions Designed to Support Teens

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Becoming Aware of Behaviors

Allows Growth and Change

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You have some level of awareness about your life already, leading you to seek out help. The awareness that your life isn’t working for you; finding yourself in the same situation or maybe in relationships with the same type of people over and over again. 

Together, we will look at the situations that arise in your everyday life.  We will explore the thoughts and emotions that surround these events. Helping us identify the repeated patterns and giving us insight to a strategy for change.  

Unique and proven techniques will be used to integrate your discovery and awareness into your life, giving you a new perspective. 

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No matter where you are in life, it can feel overwhelming.

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Creating a Strategy and Having a Plan

Creates Clarity and Focus

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We will collaborate to develop a strategy with a step-by-step action plan to respond to life.  The plan will take into account your lifestyle, work and any other life circumstances. Helping you create new patterns and behaviors for living a happy and healthy life.  

Change is not possible without taking an active role.  For your strategy to work and be successful it will require you to practice daily the new life skills you have learned. We will set goals and create an action plan to fulfill them.

This is what sets apart Boulder Family Counseling from many other counseling services.  Integrating goal setting and taking action is what clients attribute to their success.

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Clarity and focus helps create the strategy needed to refresh your life.

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 Taking Action and Implementing Change

Will Set You Free

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Take Action

A strategy and a plan are nothing without action. The plan needs to be implemented into your day. Life changes require commitment, desire and willingness to think, feel and do things differently.

At the end of each session you will be assigned “homework.” The homework will be action oriented so you may practice what you are learning and have support along the way.  We will start the next session with a check-in to chat about your success and challenges.

Many clients have shared that while the homework idea seems a little silly at first, it was life changing for them.


Don't Wait One More Minute to Feel Your Best.