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Family Counseling

Conflict is inevitable when people live in the same home. To a certain extent, conflict is healthy. When conflict becomes the norm and rational thinking is no where in sight, counseling is needed.  Counseling offers families a place to be heard by an impartial listener and guided through the disruption in the family system  that is causing pain and creating stress.

I work with families by advocating for the children/teens and mediating for the parents.  My facilitation style gives each family member a safe and supportive environment to have a voice. I provide insight into the distortions of communication that may cause miscommunication. Together we will identify unresolved conflict contributing to present issues.  We will address family roles, assumptions and judgments each member brings to each argument over and over again. I strongly believe that better communication skills can be learned. The family system is a complex dynamic; you are not alone in trying to figure it out.

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