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The teenage years are filled with physical and emotional growth that includes self-discovery, exploration, and experimentation. Often times these changes are difficult for the teen and the parents to navigate.  Teens may push limits, rebel against parent’s involvement, or withdraw from the family unit all in an attempt to establish independence and self-identity.

As a parent, it can be difficult watching your teen struggle.  There is no greater challenge than to see your teen in pain and not know what to do. In the midst of your distress and frustration it can be very helpful to have the insight and perspective from a professional.

As a teen, they may be experiencing stress, anxiety or depression related to pressure from peers, demands at school or power struggles at home. They may feel confused, isolated and alone with no one they trust to share their thoughts and feelings.

In some cases, there may be no visible reason why your teen is experiencing stress at home or at school. Some common issues that teens report are: family issues, general transitions, difficulty with homework and school achievement pressures, bullying and peer conflicts.

Counseling can provide a safe place for the teen to explore their feeling, identify the issues and learn new life skills.

I have a unique ability to develop rapport with teens; creating a strong connect, establishing trust and providing accountability without being authoritative. This type of client, counselor relationship supports a successful counseling process.

Teens entering counseling for the first time may be apprehensive and uncomfortable. To ease these feelings, I dissipates these issues quickly, which allows real work to be done.

Signs that Your Teen May Need Help

  • Withdrawn or isolated from the family

  • Changes in eating habits

  • Skipping school or decline in grades

  • Change in sleeping paterns

  • Irritability

  • Headaches or stomach aches

  • Use of alcohol or durgs

  • Self-harming behaviors or suicidal ideation

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