“Susan has been an incredible support for our family as our daughter transitions from high school to college. She’s helped us weather several crisis and we have turned to her for guidance and comfort. Her counseling is a wonderful blend of empathy and practical advice that has helped our daughter tremendously through some very difficult times. We have also found several sessions of family counseling to be valuable. Susan is professional and ethical, but perhaps more importantly, she genuinely cares about her patients and that inherent kindness shines through in her therapy sessions.”
Mother of a college student
“Susan’s guidance and support have been an invaluable resource for my son and our family through the challenging transition between high school and college, teenage years into young adulthood.
We came to work with Susan at a time my son was struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, and feelings of social isolation. He was struggling emotionally and academically and I was scared for him and for his future. I had done all I could think of to help and had come to the end of my understanding of how to support and guide him. I didn’t know what else to do or how to find the right help. Then we found Susan and things truly began to change.
Susan brought such warmth, insight, support, and humor to our sessions that my son, who previously had been very reluctant to participate in any form of counseling, began looking forward to the next session. She helped us learn to communicate more clearly and openly as a family unit and most importantly she helped my son find his own inner voice.
My son is now in his first semester of college out of state and is thriving in his new endeavors. Susan’s support, via long distance sessions, has been invaluable in helping him as he settles into the rhythm and challenges of life on a college campus.
I would recommend Susan without hesitation to any family struggling to navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence and young adulthood. She is an empathic, wise and eminently kind guide and our family will be forever grateful for the impact she has had on our lives.”
Mother of a 19 Year Old Male
“You met me in arguably my lowest point. I felt lost, helpless, confused, afraid, overwhelmed, stressed, angry… an exponential amount of purely negative emotions and destructive words. I remember towards the beginning I would get extremely nervous to come to our sessions, and initially, I thought it was because I was uncomfortable talking about my emotions, but I realized that I was actually just afraid to confront deeper issues I’d been holding onto for years. You have this ability to connect dots in a way that I could not on my own. You dug deep and LISTENED to what I said, took key phrases that stood out, and shifted the perspective about how I thought of my own… thoughts. You took every hardship that I was facing and found a way to lessen the intensity and refocus my mind on the objective at hand. You taught me how to prioritize my thoughts. You taught me how to enjoy the present, not focus on the past or the future. I feel as though you helped me unlock who I really am and made me realize my potential more than I thought possible. I truly feel like a new person; a more calm, stable, HAPPIER version of myself. I remember how I felt before anxiety and depression really took hold and that original feeling is returning day after day. I’ve learned through you that its okay not to feel okay, its okay to let myself feel negative things, but I can’t let those things linger. Most importantly, you did not solve my problems. You provided the tools I needed to solve it myself. That’s more than I could ever ask for from someone. I’m extremely grateful for the time we’ve spent together and I encourage anyone who feels lost or confused to seek your guidance. I never thought I’d be where I am today. Thank you from every fiber of my being.”
Male Client, Individual Therapy
“Susan has been such a blessing for our entire family. Our daughter was having a very difficult time her sophomore year in college and began seeing Susan. She has not only helped our daughter navigate some challenging times, she helped us learn how to best support her in the most loving way. Our daughter made tremendous progress in a short amount of time and is using the tools Susan gave her every day. In just a few months we felt like we had our vibrant loving daughter back and our relationship with her is better than ever. We could not be more grateful for Susan and would highly recommend her to any family.”
Mother of a CU Boulder Student
“Susan Caso has an innate ability to put her finger on the pulse of what ails me.

After a lifetime of therapists, I’ve had the good fortune of finding Susan Caso. She has a gift for helping me discover the origins of trauma and sadness.

Susan Caso is exceptionally adept at pinpointing the nucleus of concern.”

Male Client
“Susan has helped my daughter and myself through many tough times. As a child growing up in a divorced household my daughter struggled to deal with the painful realities of divorce, step-parents, and adolescence. There were many times when my new wife and I wondered how we would make it through each day. From the first time we took my daughter to see Susan, to the most recent time they met, she has continually helped my child down the road to healthy healing, greater self awareness of her actions, and a successful transition into young adulthood. As a mother herself she brings a unique understanding into the difficult times parent, and their children, often go through. If you or your child are struggling I highly recommend seeing Susan.”
Father of Teen
“Thanks for your awesome listening ear! It’s great for me to have someone to talk through what is up with me, both major stuff and minor stuff. I always feel better after our sessions.”
Female Client
“We found Susan at a very low point in our family. We had just adopted an older child with many special needs. After trials with countless therapists, we had given up hope. I am therapist myself, so my standards were extremely high. Susan instantly comforted me, from our initial phone call to our final session. She had the skills, expertise, and compassion to truly understand our situation. She guided us through many difficult moments, creating a safe space for us to be completely honest. We left with improved confidence and knowledge about how to move forward as a healthy family, while enhancing our strengths as individuals.”
Family of Three
“I recently moved to Colorado after some huge life changes. Susan came highly recommended by a trusted childhood friend. I knew after the first session that Susan was an amazing fit for me. She has this way of being able to relate and pull out the best, I don’t know how she does it, a true miracle worker. Sitting and talking with Susan is like sitting and talking with a best friend, only Susan knows what she is talking about… I did shy away from professionals in the past because of bad experiences, finding someone who Loves (Susan Caso) what she does makes all the difference in the world. If you need someone to talk to Susan is your girl, you just can’t have my slot.”
Female Client
“Susan Caso has truly made a difference for our family, supporting us and giving us guidance with compassion and empathy. We found ourselves in a challenging time with our teen daughters and one thing was clear to me, we couldn’t navigate it alone. The best decision we made was to seek help from Susan. From the moment we met Susan, her warmth and empathy put us at ease and made us feel comfortable. Feeling safe, our daughters were able to be vulnerable and it was a trusting relationship from the very beginning. Susan provided us all with insight, self actualization, healing, strengthened boundaries and empowerment. Susan is heart centered and a skilled listener who strikes the perfect balance between compassion and accountability. She creates a positive and professional environment, maintaing forward progress and does it all with sincerity and patience. Our family is grateful to Susan and feel very fortunate to have her in our family support system.”
Family of Four
“Susan is a caring and conscientious listener! She was always positive and happy to see us and she took the time to get to know my son and work with him on his level from his point of view. We will recommend her again and again!”
Mother of a 13 Year Old Boy
“Susan‘s compassion and knowledge for the issues facing children, adults and families is the foundation for her work with clients. Her genuine commitment to helping is evident from the first session.”
Megan Cook, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
“Thanks for all your help and advice. You have been very patient and compassionate with me during this time. The therapy has given me support and strength I need during this long cancer treatment and family turmoil. You are very sweet and give great advice on relationships! I really appreciate you and look forward to our sessions.”
Adult Client
“I would like to recommend Susan’s services to everyone. I cannot thank her enough for what she’s been for my family. We are a family of four and have been seeing her for nine months. I feel like she always wants to help. I can trust her with whatever is going on. Susan is seriously getting us through some very hard times. She has worked with each one of us individually and as a family. She is very knowledgeable, insightful, honest, empathic, patient and focused. She keeps our meetings to the point and to a solution every week. We have had other counselors over the past 10 years and I thought they were a waste of time because we stayed on the same issue never moving on. Susan knows what to say, what to ask and when to give me time to myself. I appreciate how she will find time when we need to talk. My children admire her, she is great with them, friendly and energetic. We are hopeful since Susan has been our counselor.”
Mother, Father and Sons, 8 and 13
“My daughter and I began meeting with Susan after my daughter began self mutilating. I came to her as a stressed mother who did not know where else to turn. Since meeting with Susan, my daughter has not injured herself at all. Through therapy, we discovered a lot of hidden issues with my daughter I never realized existed. While working with Susan, I have reached a deeper understanding of my daughter and how sensitive she is about areas of our life. Without this experience, I would have never realized how deep the wounds of my divorce went for her. Even though our work is not done, I am so grateful for all that Susan has done to help my family process and begin to heal. Susan is natural when working with teenage girls who demonstrate a deep sense of anger, defiance, bullying, control and abandonment issues, and lack of self esteem. My daughter and I are so thankful that we have had the ability to work with Susan and Stella, Susan’s adorable, cuddly Poodle.”
Parent of a 13 Year Od Girl
“I have arranged for several teenagers to work with Susan over the last year and all of them have felt extremely supported by her. Almost immediately, they all felt her warmth, intelligence and genuine care for them and for their different situations. Additionally, the parents of these teens have also reported to me that they feel like their child is truly getting the help that they have needed for some time. Susan is passionate about her work with teens and their families and her work with them is thorough, insightful and authentic. I never hesitate to refer a young teen her way.”
Middle School Counselor